• HKEx’s RMB Futures Trading Sets Record High

    Date:Dec 30, 2015
    Source:China Securities Journal

    Till December 24, the RMB futures of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) completed the trading of 254,646 contracts (US$25.5 billion), setting the record of 205,049 contracts made in 2014. In particular, the trading volume of RMB futures reached 8,061 contracts (US$806 million) on August 12, setting the highest sales record in a day.
    HKEx said that the number of uncovered contracts of RMB futures has kept increasing and reached 21,072 (US$2.1 billion) on December 24, the highest level over the past 22 months. Meanwhile, the number of exchange participants in the RMB futures market has also risen, with 10 exchange participants newly added this year and the total number reaching 90.
    HKEx announced on December 28 that the RMB futures “Active Trader Plan” launched in the beginning of 2015 will be extended to the end of 2016, so as to consolidate the market development and further promote the growth momentum of the RMB futures. According to this Plan, traders meeting the lowest trading volume requirement can enjoy the cost-return privilege of HKEx.

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