• First Prize Goes to Futures Market Operation Monitoring System

    Date: June 5, 2014
    Source: China Securities Journal

      The Leading Group for Informatization of Securities and Futures Industry has recently held its 10th meeting, which chose the project of “futures market operation monitoring system" of the China Futures Margin Monitoring Center (CFMMC) as the only first-prize winner for the 4th Science and Technology Awards in Securities and Futures Industry, the highest award for futures-related technology project since the establishment of the Science and Technology Awards.
      The “futures market operation monitoring system” took its baby step in early 2008. Thanks to the push by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and support from all futures exchanges, CFMMC and all futures exchanges jointly signed the "Framework Agreement on Futures Data and Information Exchange." In August 2010, the construction project of the system was officially started. Based on real-time analysis and calculations on real-time trading data, the system showcases the operation status of overall market conditions in a real-time fashion with analysis being tracked on all links of futures trading. Besides, the system affords a complete operation monitoring system for futures market covering market overview, real-time monitoring, historical data statistics, risk monitoring, inquiries of violations of laws and regulations, alarm incidents, profiles of market and products, information about members or clients, with 10 featured main items, over 40 sub-items, 130 functional points and 150 diagrams.
      The establishment of “futures market operation monitoring system” marked a new step for the systemic risk prevention capability and cross-market monitoring level of China’s futures market by improving the automation and quantitative level of the market’s monitoring work, which promoted a stable and healthy operation of futures market as well as laid a solid foundation for its innovative development.

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