• Senior Network Engineer    2

    ·Requirement analysis, designing, installation, system debugging and acceptance of network systems for the operation, maintenance and integration projects in the data center; 
    ·Composing technical documents during network changes and network system maintenance, and conducting technical trainings; 
    ·Daily technical supports to the data center; 
    ·Collaborate with maintenance engineers in the data center to improve operation and maintenance quality and ensure client satisfaction.

    ·Bachelor’s degree or above in computer and communications fields;  
    ·3+ year experience, including integration of larger network systems and systems operation and maintenance experience; 
    ·Good knowledge of a variety of mainstream web devices and network management configuration tool platforms, such as CISCO, capable of analyzing and maintaining key business networks; 
    ·Capable of reading and comprehending English materials on computer science;  
    ·Software development experience preferred.

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