• 1001-Senior Software Development Engineer - C++ Development    Several

    ·Set up project team as authorized and drive projects under development;  
    ·Take lead or be involved in programming system solutions; 
    ·Formulate long-term work plans, guide subordinate engineers to make mid-and-long-term work plans, and implement these plans accordingly; 
    ·Take lead, be involved in and guide demand analysis of systems based on knowledge of client’s need; identify and explain business rules and needs; build and improve business models; 
    ·Formulate preliminary design and guide the formulation of design proposals according to requirement specification, and conduct detailed product or project design, including programming, technical realization models and data model design, according to outline and requirement specifications; review preliminary design and detailed design proposals;
    ·Manage configuration wherever necessary according to the needs of projects or department; 
    ·Test, optimize, transfer and deploy software systems wherever necessary according to the needs of projects; 
    ·Be involved in the formulation and update of the technological standards and regulations for product databases and software technology development; 
    ·Report software development progress and status to project managers in a regular or event-driven manner; 
    ·Take lead or be involved in composing project-related technical documents and administration files; 
    ·Be involved in the department’s R&D and innovation; take lead in R&D in certain aspects;  
    ·Train and mentor subordinate engineers;  
    ·Collect and keep track of the latest software development technologies, standards, regulations and mechanism home and abroad;  
    ·Handle any other tasks assigned.

    ·Bachelor’s degree or above in computer or relevant fields;  
    ·6+ year software development experience 
    ·Mastery of C/C++, the theories, practices and tools of framework design, and a good command of various reference framework and main reusable framework mechanism and models;  
    ·Experience of C++ development projects in Linux environment, preferably experience of core system development projects 
    ·Capable of reading and comprehending English materials on computer science; 
    ·Committed, responsible, good communication skills;  
    ·Keen interest in and strong abilities of developing software technologies independently, good knowledge of software engineering and awareness of quality assurance;  
    ·A clear-minded and innovative professional and a quick learner;

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