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    2015 Futures Industry: Full of Storms and Waves  (Jan 15, 2016)
      In 2015, storms and waves have risen in the futures industry in China, presenting great prosperity in the first half year and great storm in the second half year. The unpredictable market trend has produced great challenge to the development of the futures industry. In face of the dilemma of “living at the mercy of the elements” of traditional brokerage, developing innovative business……
    Imports of Major Bulk Commodities Increase, Iron Ore Imports Set Record in Dec (2016-01-13)
    Tu Guangshao: Studying to Launch Shanghai-London Stock Connect (2015-12-30)
    HKEx’s RMB Futures Trading Sets Record High (2015-12-30)
    CFFEX Makes Risk Control Moves as Futures Indices Consecutively Hit Limit Dow (2015-08-26)
    Block Commodities Rally amid Continuous RMB Depreciation (2015-08-13)
    12 Futures Firms Earned over RMB100m Net Profit in 2014 (2015-07-31)
    Futures Turnover in 1st Half of 2015 Exceeds The Total of 2014 (2015-07-01)
    12 Futures Firms Earned over RMB100m Net Profit in 2014 (2015-06-15)
    Financial Futures Takes up 83.84% of Total Futures Trading Volume in May (2015-06-01)
    ZCE: 3 Products to Start After-hours Trading on June 11 (2015-05-28)
    SSE, CFFEX, Deutsche Borse to Build Joint Venture in Germany (2015-05-26)
    Review of China’s Futures Market in 2014 (2015-03-26)
    MOCs Inked by 3 Commodity Futures Exchanges with NDRC (2015-03-15)
    40% M-o-M Drop Seen in Volume of Futures Market in Feb. (2015-03-04)
    Option Market Making Achieves 70% of Total Trading Volume at Debut (2015-02-10)
    70% Y-o-Y Growth Seen in Volume of Futures Market in Jan. (2015-02-02)
    Bulk Transaction Sees a M-o-M Growth of 70% in Dec. 2014 (2015-01-12)
    CSRC Releases “Management Measures for Stock Option Trading Pilot”, Supporting Rules (2015-01-09)
    Top 10 News in China’s Futures Market (2015-01-05)
    SHFE Launches After-hours Trading for 4 Products (2014-12-16)
    CFFEX, DGCX MOU Inked (2014-12-08)
    Settle Conflict between “Greater Market”, “Small Industry” (2014-09-19)
    CME to Launch 1-Kg Gold Futures Contract in Hong Kong for the 1st Time (2014-09-12)
    Implications of “9 New Opinions" for Futures Business (2014-07-24)
    Trading Volume of SHFE Silver Futures Ranks World’s First (2014-07-04)
    Turnover of China’s Futures Market Jan.-Jun. Down by 10% Y-o-Y (2014-07-02)
    SHFE, IB Form Strategic Cooperation (2014-06-23)
    DCE, Euronext Memo Inked (2014-06-13)
    First Prize Goes to Futures Market Operation Monitoring System (2014-06-05)
    SHFE Hot-Rolled Coil Futures Launched (2014-03-21)
    Four Futures Exchanges Rank World’s Top 20 in Trading Volume Last Year (2014-03-07)
    Trading of China’s Futures Market in Feb. 2014 (2014-03-03)
    PP Futures Launched for Trading Today (2014-02-28)
    Futures Industry to Achieve a Qualitative Leap (2014-02-10)
    Overview of China’s Futures Market in January 2014 (2014-02-07)
    Launch of PP Futures Approved (2014-01-18)
    Science and Technology Awards of Securities and Futures Industry Unveiled (2014-01-06)
    “5-year Treasury Bond Futures” Awarded Grand Prize (2013-12-26)
    Top 10 Futures Market News in 2013 (2013-12-23)
    7 Tasks Mapped Out for 2014 IT Work of Futures Industry (2013-12-18)
    Turnover Surges Y-o-Y in 1st 11 Months Thanks to Launch of New Products (2013-12-02)
    HKEx to Zero in on Derivatives Market in Next 3 Years (2013-11-29)
    1st Free Trade & Commodity Summit Opens in Shanghai. (2013-11-08)
    First 10 Months See 30% up Year-on-year in Futures Turnover (2013-11-04)
    Iron Ore Futures Listed Today (2013-10-18)
    September Sees Varied Trading on Global Derivatives Market (2013-10-09)
    September Sees Varied Trading on Global Derivatives Marke (2013-10-09)
    January-September Futures Trading Hits Record High (2013-10-08)
    History of Treasury Bond Futures in China (2013-09-02)
    Futures Market Turnover from Jan. to Aug. Exceed Total of Last Year (2013-09-02)
    Fat Finger of Everbright Securities Rings Alarm for Risk Control (2013-08-20)
    HKEx: Net Profit in 1st Half Increased by 5% as LME Contributes HKD267 Million (2013-08-16)
    Trading Overview of China’s Futures Market in July 2013 (2013-08-01)
    Continuous Trading Turnover Exceeds RMB1 Trillion on SHFE (2013-07-20)
    Innovation of Futures Products Required in 10 State Financial Measures (2013-07-08)
    Gold Volume Hits 2.43 Times as Night Trading of Gold, Silver Active on 1st Day (2013-07-08)
    Trading Volume on Futures Markets Exceeds 1 Billion Contracts in First Half of 2013 (2013-07-01)
    2012 China Securities and Futures Market Brand Value List Revealed (2013-06-27)
    CFMMC Releases Tips for Continuous Trading (2013-06-20)
    Futures Market Hits RMB26.5 Trillion New High in Single Month Transaction in May (2013-06-03)
    Jiang Yang: Treasury Bond Futures Expected in 2013 (2013-06-03)
    HKMEx Closed (2013-05-29)
    CME Iron Ore Futures to be Listed as Scheduled (2013-05-15)
    Futures Transactions in April Exceed RMB21.6 Trillion (2013-05-02)
    Securities, Futures Institutions in Quake-hit Areas Operate Normally (2013-04-22)
    CSRC: Night Trading of Gold, Silver Futures to be Launched this Year (2013-04-15)
    Nine Futures Companies Speed up Preparation for IPO (2013-04-02)
    Coking Coal Futures Receives Active Participation of Sport Enterprises in 1st Week (2013-04-01)
    HKEx to Launch Night Trading (2013-02-18)
    Futures Turnover over RMB20 Trillion, 150% YoY Growth in Jan.
    Major Events on Derivatives Market in 2012 (2013-01-10)