• Introduction
     □ Organization Structure

    Departments & Functions

    Futures Business Department
      Responsible for analysis and design, system research and development of projects and software products for exchanges, and provide clients with system technical support and functional upgrading services.
    Financial Business Department
      Responsible for software products, project research and development, and technical services for futures companies, securities companies, fund companies and other industrial units, as well as investors, commercial banks and other institutions, including analysis and design, technology research and development, and marketing, etc.
    Operation and Maintenance Center
      Responsible for operation and maintenance of SFIT Data Center and system integration, and provide security services for the operation and maintenance of clients’ business systems and the company’s internal system, as well as system technical support and services for clients.
    R&D Department
      Follow up and study international advanced technologies and business modes, plan and develop infrastructure technology framework and core product components, and provide innovative technical support to research and development of projects of all business sectors.
    Quality Control Department
      Organize and establish sound quality management system and supervise operation of the system, and promote the process improvement; organize and implement quality assurance of software and services, and ensure the quality of software products and services through the supervision process.
    Finance Department
      Carry out the company’s accounting, financial and taxation management based on national fiscal policies, monitor financial risks, effectively fulfill financial metrics, and ensure the normal operation of the company's financial system.
    Comprehensive Department
      Work out the human resources management and development system, and optimize resources allocation according to the company’s overall development plan and business goals; responsible for the company's administrative management, documentation, legal affairs and logistics, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the company's businesses.
    Beijing Branch
      Responsible for software development, operation and maintenance services, technical consulting and other IT services for the industry’s core institutional clients, and provide them with high-quality and more efficient services.